The Throwdown

  Last nights Throwdown was further affirmation of the warmth, kindness and camaraderie that radiates from the New Orleans barista community. Thank you to the Barista Social Club for letting us host this event, to everyone who showed out to participate, and congrats to finalists and winners. Hope to see y'all out there for the next one!


We are very excited to release the #1 ranked coffee from the Best Cup Auction in Brazil this past fall! Jose Adriano Neto has been working on coffee farms for 20+ years, and recently acquired his 6 hectare farm: Sitio Bom Comeco in 2015. Jose’s in depth knowledge at the farm level has allowed him to achieve an impressive level of success very quickly.


When we tasted this coffee on the cupping table at origin it really stood out. The rest of the group bidding on the auction thought so as well, ranking it the #1 Coffee out of over a hundred offerings. The Natural Process on this Yellow Bourbon yields a big, boozy, fruit forward flavor profile. Over the years we have been routinely blown away by some of the high end Micro Lots coming out of Brazil. Brazil exports more coffee than any other country in the world, and recently some producers have been focusing more on quality and less on quantity. As a result, the perception of specialty coffee in Brazil is changing. We are thrilled to offer the best example of this NEW focus on quality and share it with our customers.


It’s Festival time in New Orleans! This year's blend consists of fresh crop Colombia and Peru. The Colombia coffee was purchased on our sourcing trip last December; it’s a collection of lots from various small farmers in the Huila region. This coffee is great, with a really nice sugary acidity, notes of caramel, and a creamy mouthfeel. The Peru aspect of the blend is also a collection of small lots from various small farmers in the Chirinos region in Cajamarca. This coffee was selected during a sourcing trip to Peru back in the fall. Sharing notes of caramel with the Colombia, the Peru also has flavors of apple and orange.

The idea behind the blend is that it is bright and juicy to match the vibe of festival season.  These coffees are roasted separately and then blended after roasting. With French Quarter Fest around the corner and Jazz Fest after that, it is really one of the most fun times of year! This coffee is intended to reflect that, with bright and fruity notes that hopefully come through in the cup and help people celebrate this lighthearted and cheerful time of year.

P E R U | Gilmer

FTC Origins_PERU_2018-28.jpeg

Our second (& NEWEST) Micro Lot from Peru, is from the young producer, Gilmer Meija. This is our second year in a row offering a coffee from Gilmer and we are really excited to continue this relationship. Gilmer spent the week with us while we were in Peru, accompanying us on long van rides, cupping coffee, and providing some valuable directions while we were trying to find the farms.  


While cupping through about 50 Micro Lots, Gilmers’ stood out immediately! He is very passionate about growing coffee and eager to learn as much as possible. Gilmer runs the 7 hectare “Finca Ecologica”, a farm his father acquired for growing coffee in 1990. Gilmer and a small staff only pick ripe cherries, while wild shade trees provide much needed relief from the sun in the high altitude of the Andes Mountains. Gilmers’ coffee is completely organic, as he uses compost and guano to fertilize his farm.  We hope to continue to support Gilmer by buying his coffee year after year.

IMG_1074 2.jpeg


Screen Shot 2019-02-25 at 11.49.16 AM.png

It’s a rare treat to be able to travel to East Africa, let alone source some authentic coffee beans from this precious land. Our team traveled to Kenya and to the main local farms located 1-2 hours outside of Nairobi.

We visited the Giankanja co-op, in the Kiambu region ( just north of Nairobi) to check the crops and fermentation process of the local farms there. All of the farmers we spoke to were very excited that we came to visit and share a meal with them (yummy goat dinner). It was clearly not the norm, for them to be connecting with roasters, or importers. But, this visit only strengthened our relationship between Giankanja and Crop to Cup creating producer loyalty in a market where that doesn’t exist.

Our main goal is to find a flavor profile (particularly a fruit forward, blackberry type of profile) that our customers and employees can get excited about and look forward to tasting. After cupping through over 100 samples we have narrowed down our options to 4-5 that fit our profile , and have samples being sent our way. After a week in Nairobi, we have a much better understanding of the Kenyan coffee economy but also, we have identified certain co-ops and regions that are producing the best coffee. Over the next couple weeks, we will narrow our 4-5 samples down to 1 coffee that we will purchase.


Mardi Gras Season is among us and we’re excited to kick off the celebrations this year with: “BIG CHIEF”. This exciting new blend of Central and South American coffees featured taste is: LEMON, FRUITY, WELL-ROUNDED & CREAMY flavor. With every purchase a portion will be donated to The House of Dance And Feathers which is dedicated to showcasing and preserving the great history of Mardi Gras Indians, Social Aid, Pleasure Clubs plus The Skull & Bones Gangs started by: Ronald Lewis in the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans.

Let’s get into the spirit with SPY BOY DOW, an original Mardi Gras Indian of the Mohawk Hunters ..who’s NOLA energy will keep you on your feet this Mardi Gras Season!

Coffee n' Colombia

Coffee n' Colombia

Last month we took a sourcing trip to the beautiful country of Colombia. Our experience was extra special because of the sourcing of a Pink Bourbon (a rare blend cultivated from hybridization of Red and Yellow Bourbon) that originated in Colombia. This offering from producer Alvaro Perdomo is full of intense floral flavors w: cane sugar sweetness, lemon, & black tea. This very limited amount of coffee is available in store & online. Traveling and catching up with our Colombia family and bringing back the best to NOLA is what makes everything all worth it. We hope you enjoy!

Team visit to "Progress Milk Barn".

Our team made a recent trip to McComb, Mississippi to visit our friends at the:

“Progress Milk Barn” owned by the Mauthe Family.

“Passion, Progress, Pride Family owned and operated local dairy. Taking pride in providing to you glass bottled milk from our own cows” is how the family likes to describe their long running successful business.

We were very intrigued with the duties on a cow farm, the daily ins & outs and having a new experience to learn from. Here’s how we would describe our time on the farm:

“Very down to earth and welcoming group of people. They know what they are doing and they've made decisions to focus on quality over quantity -- from the type of grass they plant to not over-milking the cows (and they get up to milk 'em at 3:30AM!). Kenny (one of the Mauthe members) has a tremendous working knowledge of his clientele and makes nuanced adjustments to cater to their needs. He also knew the names of the few cows that greeted us in the pasture -- they all seemed healthy/happy.”

- Dom Vittitow | “Director of Education”