origin update: via. Kossa geshe farm


FARM UPDATE: Thanks to the help of “Crop to Cup” we are able to see continued improvement and developments at the farm level which focuses heavily on employee housing and the need for improvement on the farm. This is our 3rd year working with Abdulwahid and the Kossa Geshe farm.


What was once mud construction is now strong, more modern construction. This is the beginning and the core structure- with some plaster, paint, proper flooring, and metal roofs in the next couple of weeks, these homes will have a huge impact! No more wet muddy floors or leaks when it rains, surfaces that are easier to clean, and better structural stability. We are impressed! Can’t wait to see the final product after all this hard work and investment. Well done Abdulwahid 👏🏼 & we look forward to new offerings from Kossa Geshe coming later this summer.

FRench truck Coffee + “RUBY SLIPPER” Take on colombia!

At the beginning of June, our team took an educational trip down to Colombia with one of our awesome clients: Jennifer & Erich of “Ruby Slipper Cafe”. Check out our photos and summary of a great trip, with even greater people.

We visited a coffee farm in Popayán (Southwest of Bogotá) & were greeted by one of our gracious host, Andreas. We checked out the current berries that were being prepared for processing plus more.

We visited a coffee farm in Popayán (Southwest of Bogotá) & were greeted by one of our gracious host, Andreas. We checked out the current berries that were being prepared for processing plus more.


And also, spent the next morning enjoying coffee & breakfast followed by cupping in the coffee lab. Throughout our cupping experience, we narrowed down the perfect taste .. & ended up with a great Colombian Coffee blend.



Introducing our NEWEST coffee which hails all the way from the Chivacabé - Huehuetenango region of Guatemala. This new Microlot was produced by farmer, David Roberto Méndez on his farm: “El Naranjo.”

Huehuetenango is a famous coffee growing region in northern Guatemala, with steep hills and coffee growing communities sprinkled throughout the mountains. French Truck Coffee has visited Huehuetenango a few times to get a feel for the coffee economy in this famous region.

On our field visits we were pleasantly surprised to find small, but thriving communities deep in the hills, which make use of seemingly impossible terrain. Some of the farms are on such steep hills that skilled laborers are needed to handle the land.

This coffee features lots of tangy fruit acidity, and classic notes of Guatemala cof- fee like cherry and caramel. We believe this is a result of the multitude of varietals on his farm. They include older well-known va- rietals like Bourbon and Caturra with more distinct ones like Gesha and Pache. The Ge- sha varietal provides those floral, tangy fruit notes, while Bourbon and Caturra give us the classic Guatemala notes. During harvest sea- son only ripe cherries are picked, and then depulped the following day. They are then fermented for 24 hours before being washed and cleaned three times, and dried on raised beds. This is a super interesting coffee that we will be offering all summer long.


“Summer Citroen”

Today, June 4th is the release of our summer blend. This coffee is creamy with a mix of berry & toffee tasting notes. It’s also a unique blend of Central American & African coffees to help you enjoy the endless summer days ahead .. (even the packaging will have you feeling as if you’re on the beach w/ every sip you take).


This summer seasonal blend consists of fresh crop Guatemala and fresh crop Ethiopia. The Guatemala makes up 40% of the blend, and is from a collection of small holding farmers in the Huehuetenango region. Balanced notes of cherry and caramel pair very well with the fruitier, berry notes of Ethiopia. This Natural Ethiopian makes up the remaining 60% of the blend and provides the more fruit forward notes in the cup. The Natural Process gives the cup plenty of body, while also providing heavy sweetness. We hope you enjoy this wonderful summertime coffee :)

The Throwdown

  Last nights Throwdown was further affirmation of the warmth, kindness and camaraderie that radiates from the New Orleans barista community. Thank you to the Barista Social Club for letting us host this event, to everyone who showed out to participate, and congrats to finalists and winners. Hope to see y'all out there for the next one!


We are very excited to release the #1 ranked coffee from the Best Cup Auction in Brazil this past fall! Jose Adriano Neto has been working on coffee farms for 20+ years, and recently acquired his 6 hectare farm: Sitio Bom Comeco in 2015. Jose’s in depth knowledge at the farm level has allowed him to achieve an impressive level of success very quickly.


When we tasted this coffee on the cupping table at origin it really stood out. The rest of the group bidding on the auction thought so as well, ranking it the #1 Coffee out of over a hundred offerings. The Natural Process on this Yellow Bourbon yields a big, boozy, fruit forward flavor profile. Over the years we have been routinely blown away by some of the high end Micro Lots coming out of Brazil. Brazil exports more coffee than any other country in the world, and recently some producers have been focusing more on quality and less on quantity. As a result, the perception of specialty coffee in Brazil is changing. We are thrilled to offer the best example of this NEW focus on quality and share it with our customers.


It’s Festival time in New Orleans! This year's blend consists of fresh crop Colombia and Peru. The Colombia coffee was purchased on our sourcing trip last December; it’s a collection of lots from various small farmers in the Huila region. This coffee is great, with a really nice sugary acidity, notes of caramel, and a creamy mouthfeel. The Peru aspect of the blend is also a collection of small lots from various small farmers in the Chirinos region in Cajamarca. This coffee was selected during a sourcing trip to Peru back in the fall. Sharing notes of caramel with the Colombia, the Peru also has flavors of apple and orange.

The idea behind the blend is that it is bright and juicy to match the vibe of festival season.  These coffees are roasted separately and then blended after roasting. With French Quarter Fest around the corner and Jazz Fest after that, it is really one of the most fun times of year! This coffee is intended to reflect that, with bright and fruity notes that hopefully come through in the cup and help people celebrate this lighthearted and cheerful time of year.

P E R U | Gilmer

FTC Origins_PERU_2018-28.jpeg

Our second (& NEWEST) Micro Lot from Peru, is from the young producer, Gilmer Meija. This is our second year in a row offering a coffee from Gilmer and we are really excited to continue this relationship. Gilmer spent the week with us while we were in Peru, accompanying us on long van rides, cupping coffee, and providing some valuable directions while we were trying to find the farms.  


While cupping through about 50 Micro Lots, Gilmers’ stood out immediately! He is very passionate about growing coffee and eager to learn as much as possible. Gilmer runs the 7 hectare “Finca Ecologica”, a farm his father acquired for growing coffee in 1990. Gilmer and a small staff only pick ripe cherries, while wild shade trees provide much needed relief from the sun in the high altitude of the Andes Mountains. Gilmers’ coffee is completely organic, as he uses compost and guano to fertilize his farm.  We hope to continue to support Gilmer by buying his coffee year after year.

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