Mr. Girma is back!

For the second year in a row, we are offering a washed Ethiopian from one of our favorite producers, Mr. Girma Eshetu. In January of 2017, we were able to spend some time with Mr Girma on his estate and even camped with him and his son on the farm. We can attest he runs his estate with precision and takes very good care of everyone involved. We are very excited to be offering this coffee again, and see what this year’s harvest brought to the table.

Mr. Girma has been running his family Estate for about 20 years. It is located in the Keffa Zone, which is just west of Jimma, and Northwest of the famed Yirgacheffe region. While not as well-known as the regions of Sidamo and Yirgacheffe there are some really amazing coffee here. Over the next couple of years, it is very likely we will see more and more coffee. coming out of this region


The estate is located deep in the forest in what is known as the Afromontane rainforest, a sub region of eastern Africa. Black colobus monkeys swing high up in the canopies of Mr Girma’s Estate, along with a variety of birds and other plants species. A natural spring located high up in the estate provides a small, but steady river and is the only water source for the farm.


Mr. Girma produces organic, shade grown coffee. Ancient forest trees tower over the farm providing just enough shade for the coffee plants to thrive. About 20 people live on the farm year-round, with that number swelling to about a 100 during picking farm season. There is ample housing for the pickers to live and work on the farm during this busy season. For the 20 year round workers, it is very much a family environment, and this coffee is their livelihood. They work very hard, only picking ripe cherries, and use the best processing methods. Mr Girma is committed to improving living conditions on the farm.

Using the water from the river on the estate, to process his washed coffee, the coffee is fermented for 42 hours before being washed and dried on raised beds for 10-12 days. We think a longer fermentation than normal yields a much sweeter, juicier cup of coffee. The Varietal is a heirloom varietal that has existed for hundreds of years in the forest of Ethiopia. The result is a classic washed Ethiopian Profile, that sparkles with sugary citric acidity.


Guatemala HueHuetenango



Region: La Democracia HueHuetenango

Variety: MaragoGype

Altitude: 1400 MASL

Proc Method: Washed

Farm: Buenos Aires Huixoc


This latest Micro Lot offering from Guatemala is a result of our trip this past spring. While Cupping through almost 100 samples, we were able to Identify this Lot as one we wanted to bring home! The road to HueHuetenango is an arduous one! There is no airport close by, so no matter how you get there, you are looking at many long hours in a bus and bumpy, windy roads. However, once you get there you are in the center of the most famous coffee growing region in Guatemala. A region that French Truck has been buying from for the last 5 years. This particular harvest was a very good year for Guatemalan coffee’s and the region of HueHuetenango, specifically. Many of the Microlot samples we tried early on that were cupping at 86-87 are now cupping at 88-89. After a few months post-harvest, they have settled down and are cupping very high!

IMG_4455 (1).jpg

This year we are proud to offer an exciting micro lot from the producers at Agrobasa. Agrobasa is run by a young couple with a long history of growing coffee in the family. We were able to visit their farm, see them harvesting first hand, and get a sense of their farming practices. For Instance, they built a small reservoir on the farm to enable irrigation of the coffee plants. By doing this they ensured the coffee trees would get the right amount of water and at the right time, to help strengthen the harvest and consistency of flowering. Maybe the most interesting thing about the farm, was they had a herd of goats on the farm, working to help clear the land. Goats are great browsers and they love to eat weeds and invasive plant species. Assuming they don’t eat all the coffee cherries this is a very cool idea!

Finca Buenos Aires sits at a very high altitude, with dry air, and it was previously thought that the altitude was too high to grow coffee. However, with some innovative farming techniques and a lot of hard work the coffees from Agrobasa have been stellar. Another interesting note about this coffee is it’s a Maragogype Varietal. Maragogype is a variety of Arabica that produces a very large bean. It may sound familiar because it is half of the genetic makeup of Pacamara. It is a natural mutation that appeared spontaneously near the town of Maragogype, in the Bahia state of Brazil. The Maragogype is known for its big body and smooth mouthfeel, many famers in Huehue will keep a small amount of Maragogype to drink for themselves!


After Picking, cherries are depulped the same day and fermented dry (without water) for 36 hours. Then they are washed twice, and dried on raised beds for approximately two weeks or until they reach 10-12% moisture. Again, as with many of our previous Micro-lots, this is a fantastic example of a fully traceable farm to cup coffee. We are very excited to be showcasing the hard work from the producers at Agrobasa


French Truck Goes Back To Nicaragua

We visited our friends in Nicaragua earlier this year and we are pleased to bring back more great coffee from the Lovo family and their farm, Bella Aurora.

We are also excited to offer a great Javanica varietal from the Mierisch family. Finca Las Delicias is one of their newest farms and this washed Javanica placed 4th in the 2017 Nicaragua Cup of Excellence! This is not one to be missed.

Truckin' around central america

 Early morning views from Finca Bella Aurora.

Early morning views from Finca Bella Aurora.

Earlier this year, we had an exciting opportunity to visit three prominent coffee growing regions in Central America: Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Guatemala. 

 The beginning of the coffee tree at El Quetzal - Bendaña McEwan Estate in Matagalpa.

The beginning of the coffee tree at El Quetzal - Bendaña McEwan Estate in Matagalpa.

In Nicaragua, we visited three main growing regions: Matagalpa, Jinotega and Dipilto. We met with estate owners, small landowners and local co-operatives. 

All regions had much to offer but it was in Dipilto, one of the highest regions in the country, that we found the coffee we wanted to bring back to New Orleans. 

 Coffee going through the washing process at a small Beneficio outside Jinotega.

Coffee going through the washing process at a small Beneficio outside Jinotega.

 A worker carries a bag of coffee ready for shipment at a co-operative in Jinotega. 

A worker carries a bag of coffee ready for shipment at a co-operative in Jinotega. 

 Bags are loaded up and ready for shipment at a co-operative in Jinotega. 

Bags are loaded up and ready for shipment at a co-operative in Jinotega. 

 Overlooking the washing facility at Bella Aurora 

Overlooking the washing facility at Bella Aurora 

 Luis Joaquín Lovo examining his coffee

Luis Joaquín Lovo examining his coffee

 Workers look for coffee bean defects at the Lovo's mill

Workers look for coffee bean defects at the Lovo's mill

We are excited to be working with such exceptional coffee from an award winning family. 

As French Truck continues to grow, we hope to make the Lovo's coffee a staple at French Truck. 


Next, we moved on to Costa Rica...

 Don Cesar Urena and his coffee at San Isidro de Leon Cortez in Costa Rica

Don Cesar Urena and his coffee at San Isidro de Leon Cortez in Costa Rica

This Coffee was hand selected by a few members of our French Truck team in Costa Rica back in March during the Harvest Season.

We visited Don Cesar Urena's Farm's in San Isidro de Leon Cortez, and were really impressed.  The area has its own Micro-Climate that is ideal for coffee growing, and its own natural water source.  All of this makes for a very special place that is lush and tropical.  Don Cesar only picks the ripest of cherries, which in costa rica is known as Toro de sangre or bull's blood.  He also has raised beds that the coffee's are dried on, allowing for greater airflow, which help the drying process.

 Raised African Beds for naturally processed coffees

Raised African Beds for naturally processed coffees

 Fresh cherries ready to be dried

Fresh cherries ready to be dried

Don Cesar is a very kind man, who takes great care of his coffee's, and we are really excited to be working with him and offer this Natural Coffee from his farm.  We were blown away by his attention to detail and the raw beauty of his farms.          

 The result is a fantastic naturally processed coffee that is very sweet and creamy.  His ripe picking techniques and raised beds also make this a very clean natural that is unusually refined for a naturally processed coffee. 

French Truck Goes To Brazil!

"What struck me was the sophisticated organization of the farms. The coffee trees were easily 16 feet tall in places and in very organized rows. This creates very large yields and easy picking compared to some South American countries I've visited. The sophistication of the wet mills and drying beds also was impressive."

- Geoffrey Meeker

New Grand Cru's Have Arrived!

We are very excited to bring three new Grand Cru's to French Truck. It is always our goal to offer the highest quality coffee and these are no exceptions. We are offering two unique coffees that we tasted and selected during our origin trip to Costa Rica in March.

Don Carlos' SL28 is unique because it is traditionally a varietal found in Kenya. Notes of complex fruit, green grape and apple make this special coffee a must have!

We are also offering an exceptional Yellow Honey Villa Sarchi from Don Carlos' Finca Flor Del Cafe, another coffee that we tasted and selected in Costa Rica earlier this year. 

Finally, we are offering coffee from El Salvador for the first time. This Pacamara varietal is also a Honey process, giving it unique fruity notes. Currently, El Salvador is producing some of the best coffee in Latin America.


Public Cupping This Saturday
Try all three of these coffees and more this Saturday at our roastery located at 1200 Magazine Street in New Orleans, LA.

Cupping begins at 10AM / Space is limited!
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