Mr. Girma is back!

For the second year in a row, we are offering a washed Ethiopian from one of our favorite producers, Mr. Girma Eshetu. In January of 2017, we were able to spend some time with Mr Girma on his estate and even camped with him and his son on the farm. We can attest he runs his estate with precision and takes very good care of everyone involved. We are very excited to be offering this coffee again, and see what this year’s harvest brought to the table.

Mr. Girma has been running his family Estate for about 20 years. It is located in the Keffa Zone, which is just west of Jimma, and Northwest of the famed Yirgacheffe region. While not as well-known as the regions of Sidamo and Yirgacheffe there are some really amazing coffee here. Over the next couple of years, it is very likely we will see more and more coffee. coming out of this region


The estate is located deep in the forest in what is known as the Afromontane rainforest, a sub region of eastern Africa. Black colobus monkeys swing high up in the canopies of Mr Girma’s Estate, along with a variety of birds and other plants species. A natural spring located high up in the estate provides a small, but steady river and is the only water source for the farm.


Mr. Girma produces organic, shade grown coffee. Ancient forest trees tower over the farm providing just enough shade for the coffee plants to thrive. About 20 people live on the farm year-round, with that number swelling to about a 100 during picking farm season. There is ample housing for the pickers to live and work on the farm during this busy season. For the 20 year round workers, it is very much a family environment, and this coffee is their livelihood. They work very hard, only picking ripe cherries, and use the best processing methods. Mr Girma is committed to improving living conditions on the farm.

Using the water from the river on the estate, to process his washed coffee, the coffee is fermented for 42 hours before being washed and dried on raised beds for 10-12 days. We think a longer fermentation than normal yields a much sweeter, juicier cup of coffee. The Varietal is a heirloom varietal that has existed for hundreds of years in the forest of Ethiopia. The result is a classic washed Ethiopian Profile, that sparkles with sugary citric acidity.