Team visit to "Progress Milk Barn".

Our team made a recent trip to McComb, Mississippi to visit our friends at the:

“Progress Milk Barn” owned by the Mauthe Family.

“Passion, Progress, Pride Family owned and operated local dairy. Taking pride in providing to you glass bottled milk from our own cows” is how the family likes to describe their long running successful business.

We were very intrigued with the duties on a cow farm, the daily ins & outs and having a new experience to learn from. Here’s how we would describe our time on the farm:

“Very down to earth and welcoming group of people. They know what they are doing and they've made decisions to focus on quality over quantity -- from the type of grass they plant to not over-milking the cows (and they get up to milk 'em at 3:30AM!). Kenny (one of the Mauthe members) has a tremendous working knowledge of his clientele and makes nuanced adjustments to cater to their needs. He also knew the names of the few cows that greeted us in the pasture -- they all seemed healthy/happy.”

- Dom Vittitow | “Director of Education”