We are very excited to release the #1 ranked coffee from the Best Cup Auction in Brazil this past fall! Jose Adriano Neto has been working on coffee farms for 20+ years, and recently acquired his 6 hectare farm: Sitio Bom Comeco in 2015. Jose’s in depth knowledge at the farm level has allowed him to achieve an impressive level of success very quickly.


When we tasted this coffee on the cupping table at origin it really stood out. The rest of the group bidding on the auction thought so as well, ranking it the #1 Coffee out of over a hundred offerings. The Natural Process on this Yellow Bourbon yields a big, boozy, fruit forward flavor profile. Over the years we have been routinely blown away by some of the high end Micro Lots coming out of Brazil. Brazil exports more coffee than any other country in the world, and recently some producers have been focusing more on quality and less on quantity. As a result, the perception of specialty coffee in Brazil is changing. We are thrilled to offer the best example of this NEW focus on quality and share it with our customers.