“Summer Citroen”

Today, June 4th is the release of our summer blend. This coffee is creamy with a mix of berry & toffee tasting notes. It’s also a unique blend of Central American & African coffees to help you enjoy the endless summer days ahead .. (even the packaging will have you feeling as if you’re on the beach w/ every sip you take).


This summer seasonal blend consists of fresh crop Guatemala and fresh crop Ethiopia. The Guatemala makes up 40% of the blend, and is from a collection of small holding farmers in the Huehuetenango region. Balanced notes of cherry and caramel pair very well with the fruitier, berry notes of Ethiopia. This Natural Ethiopian makes up the remaining 60% of the blend and provides the more fruit forward notes in the cup. The Natural Process gives the cup plenty of body, while also providing heavy sweetness. We hope you enjoy this wonderful summertime coffee :)