French Truck Goes To Brazil!

"What struck me was the sophisticated organization of the farms. The coffee trees were easily 16 feet tall in places and in very organized rows. This creates very large yields and easy picking compared to some South American countries I've visited. The sophistication of the wet mills and drying beds also was impressive."

- Geoffrey Meeker

New Grand Cru's Have Arrived!

We are very excited to bring three new Grand Cru's to French Truck. It is always our goal to offer the highest quality coffee and these are no exceptions. We are offering two unique coffees that we tasted and selected during our origin trip to Costa Rica in March.

Don Carlos' SL28 is unique because it is traditionally a varietal found in Kenya. Notes of complex fruit, green grape and apple make this special coffee a must have!

We are also offering an exceptional Yellow Honey Villa Sarchi from Don Carlos' Finca Flor Del Cafe, another coffee that we tasted and selected in Costa Rica earlier this year. 

Finally, we are offering coffee from El Salvador for the first time. This Pacamara varietal is also a Honey process, giving it unique fruity notes. Currently, El Salvador is producing some of the best coffee in Latin America.


Public Cupping This Saturday
Try all three of these coffees and more this Saturday at our roastery located at 1200 Magazine Street in New Orleans, LA.

Cupping begins at 10AM / Space is limited!
Click here to sign up


Thanks for being a loyal French Truck customer. We have undergone a website change and there are a few new things...

  • We will no longer be offering subscriptions. If you have a subscription with us currently, you will be hearing from us soon about maintaining your subscription thanks to your continued support.
  • If you had an account on our previous site, the account has been deactivated. Our new check out option is quick and easy without having to log in and out! 
  • Our coffee, merchandise and shipping prices have all remained the same. You can still order all of our great coffee, ground or whole bean, and if you are in New Orleans, you can still place an order for in store pick up. 


Thanks again for your continued support. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and please sign up for the mailing list or follow our Journal to keep up with everything French Truck!

Cold Brew Season


You have heard about our NOLA Style Iced Coffee, New Orleanians' preferred summer drink.

We blend our Premium New Orleans Dark Roast Coffee with fresh Chicory, and immerse it in water over night. The result is a highly concentrated, smooth tasting Cold Brew Concentrate. You can make it however you would like, dressed with fresh whole milk from Mauthe's Farm or Califia Farms Almond Milk along with a little homemade simple syrup. 

Our Premium Cold Brew Concentrate, available at both of our locations or in your favorite Whole Foods, Rouses or Langenstein's, is an easy way to start your morning from home! 

If you are not able to purchase our concentrate bottles, you can make it at home with any traditional home cold brew process, using our Nouvelle Orleans Chicory Blend.


If you have been to our cafes, you have noticed our science-like contraptions sitting behind the espresso bar. The Oji slowly drips water over the coffee throughout the night, creating a unique tasting Cold Brew Concentrate. This slow drip method cuts down the acidity in coffee, making way for a very drinkable iced coffee. Our Oji Drip is the best way to enjoy your Iced Coffee, black with no milk or sugar. 

We rotate our offerings daily, focusing on our Single Origin Coffees from across the globe. If you want a little sweetness, an Ethiopian Sidama Ardi Oji is for you. For chocolate and a full body, our washed processed Latin Americans will give you that bold flavor. The Oji is a great way to try new coffees from across the globe and no two are ever the same!

Stop by 1200 Magazine St. or 4536 Dryades St. and try our Oji Iced Coffee for a new Iced Coffee experience!